My name is Alexander Karlsson

Senior System Developer

PHP, Laravel, Microsoft .Net, C#, MS SQL, SQL Data Warehouse, Python, mySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS, SASS


Shiphill AB

Founder / Senior System Developer

Shiphill AB - October 2016 - Present

Building web based systems and integrations with Laravel framework and .Net Core. Building hybrid apps for Android and iOS using Xamarin. Maintaining a few Wordpress sites.

PHP, Laravel, Python, .Net Core, C#, mySQL, Javascript, ES6, Vue.js, jQuery, CSS, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, HTML

Bilkompani Kalmar AB

Senior System Developer

Bilkompani Kalmar AB - August 2021 - Present

Building and maintaining web based system with Laravel framework. Building and maintaining Bilkompani's Wordpress site.

PHP, Laravel, Python, C#, mySQL, Javascript, ES6, jQuery, CSS, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, HTML

Holmgrens Bil AB

Senior System Developer

Holmgrens Bil AB - January 2018 - July 2020

Developing and maintaining systems built with .Net Core and .Net Framework, both web and desktop applications. Building integrations with our ERP systems and also developing Xamarin apps for android and iOS.

MS SQL Server, MS SQL Data Warehouse, .NET Core, .NET Framework, C#, Xamarin, Android, iOS, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML

Design From Sweden AB

Senior System Developer

Design From Sweden AB - May 2017 - November 2017

Built web sites and web based systems using Wordpress and Laravel

PHP, Wordpress, Laravel, jQuery, CSS, HTML

IT manager / Senior System Developer

Sm´┐Żlands Motor AB - August 2015 - May 2017

Managing Sm´┐Żlands Motors IT environment, mostly Microsoft based servers and clients.

Developed and maintained intranet with tools for all departments in the company using Laravel framework.

Windows Server, Office 365, MS SQL Server, .NET Framework, C#, Pyhton, PHP, Laravel, mySQL, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML

Mindbite AB

Senior System Developer

Mindbite AB - January 2008 - August 2015

Built web sites and web based systems using SiteFactory CMS based on .Net Framework. Both backend and frontend development.

.Net Framework, C#, VB.NET, jQuery, CSS, HTML


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